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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 22, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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[applause] should be able to be found because the government, i will say, i've always heard you can never really delete an email. so it should be able to be found if they really want to find them but i don't think they want to find them.
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this is the latest clinton cover-up? it doesn't change anything. if she is elected president, she will adopt the trans-pacific partnership. and we will lose millions of jobs and our economic independence foregood. she will do this, and just as she has betrayed the american worker on trade at every single stage of her career i never thought it could get worse than that. we will lose jobs and employment and we will lose everything. we will lose our country. i want trade deals but they have to be great for the united states and for our workers. [applause] we don't make great deals
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anymore. [applause] not just our economy that has been corrupted but our foreign policy too. lied
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about video being cause of death, all a lie. here is what one of the victims's mother had to say. i want the whole world to know she lied to my face and this person cannot be president.
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[applause] >> in 2009 before hillary clinton was sworn in it was a different world. libya was cooperating. iraq was seeing a reduction in violence. syria was under control. he ran was chipped by sanctions. egypt was governed by a giant regime that -- something very nice because by the way is real -- israel has been mistreated by the united states. isis wasn't on the map. fast forward to 2013. and four years secretary clinton managed single-handedly to destabilize the entire middle east. her invasion of libya handed the country to isis barbarians. thanks to hillary clinton iran is the dominant islamic power in the middle east. on the road to nuclear weapons.
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hillary clinton supports violent regime change in syria thrown the country into one of the bloodiest civil wars anyone has ever seen while giving isis a launching pad for terrorism against the west. and forced on a friendly regime in egypt replacing it with the radical muslim brotherhood. the egyptian military has retaken control and clinton has opened the pandora's box of radical islam. there was the disastrous strategy of announcing our departure from iraq, and handing country to isis and isis killers. isis threatens us today because of the decisions hillary clinton has made with president obama. isis threatens peaceful muslims and peaceful muslims across the world who are victimized by
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horrible brutality and only want to raise their kids in peace. in short. [applause] >> hillary clinton has produced one deadly foreign-policy disaster after another. one by one they are all bad. she has done nothing right, she has done nothing good. it all started with her bad judgment in support of the war in iraq in the first place. i was among the earliest to criticize the rush to war and even before the war effort started. [applause] >> hillary clinton learned nothing from her act because when she got into power, she
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couldn't wait to rush us to war in libya. she lacks the temperament and judgment and competence to lead our country. she should not be president under any circumstances. [applause] >> in the words of a secret service agent outside the oval office somebody that saw her a lot and knows her better than almost anybody, she lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office. from the bottom of my soul i know this to be true. her leadership style, disdainful of the rules set for everyone else hasn't changed one bit. the most terrifying thing about hillary clinton's foreign-policy
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is she refuses to acknowledge the threat posed by radical islam. hillary clinton supports a radical, 550% increase in syrian refugees coming into the united states and that is an increase over president obama's already high number. under her plan we would admit hundreds of thousands of refugees from the most dangerous countries on earth with no way to screen who they are, what they are, what they believe, where they come from. already hundreds of recent immigrants and their children have been convicted of terrorist activity inside the united states. the father of the orlando shooter was a caliban supporter, one of the most repressive anti-gay and anti-woman regimes.
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i only want to admit people who share our values and love our people. [applause] hillary clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gaves put to death. maybe her motivation lies among more than 1000 foreign donations hillary failed to disclose while at the state department. hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. [applause] >> thank you.
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thank you. [applause] >> thank you. here is what we learned from the book in addition to what we have n telecom giant faced state department sanctions for providing technology to iran and other oppressive regimes. what did this country do? for the first time ever they decided today bill clinton, $750,000 on a single speech but clinton have their cash, the
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telecom company escaped all sanctions. hillary clinton's state department approved the transfer of 20% of america's uranium holdings to russia, 9 investors funneled $145 million through the clinton foundation. $345 million. hillary clinton appointed a top donor to a national security with top-secret assets. even though he had no national security credentials, made a large campaign. hillary clinton accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the government of brunei. plus millions from the foundation. would push oppressive sharia law, including the punishment i death and stoning if you happen
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to be gay. the government of brunei stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of hillary's transpacific partnership which would absolutely approve if given the chance. hillary clinton's book, the book talks about it, hillary took $25 million and more from others, where being gay is punishable by death. hillary took millions from kuwait, qatar, iran and many other countries that horribly abused women and the lgbt citizens to cover up her corrupt dealings, hillary illegally stashed the state department emails on a private server.
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it seems like nothing is going to happen even though other people who have done similar things at a much lower level, their lives have been destroyed. it is a rigged system, folks, it is a rigged system. her server was recently hacked by foreign governments perhaps even by financial backers putting all of america and our citizens endanger. then there are the 33,000 emails she deleted. we may not know what is in the deleted emails but our enemies probably know every single one of them. they probably now have a black where fund over someone who wants to be the president of the united states. this fact alone disqualifies her
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from -- we can't hand over our government to someone whose deepest darkest secrets may be in the hands of our enemies. we can't do it. [applause] >> national security is also immigration security and hillary wants neither. hillary clinton has put forward the most radical immigration platform in the history of the united states. she has pledged to bring mass amnesty in the first 100 days in virtually all immigration enforcement and create totally open borders for the united states, totally open borders. 16,500 border patrol agents have endorsed donald trump, first time in history.
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[applause] be change first victims of her radical policies would be poor african-american and hispanic workers who need jobs. also the ones she will hurt the most by far. let me share with you a letter the campaign received from marianne mendoza. she lost her amazing son, brandon mendoza after he was killed by an illegal immigrant because of open borders and policies supported by hillary clinton. sadly the mendoza family is one of thousands who suffered the same fate. here is an excerpt from mrs. mendoza. hillary clinton who already has the blood of so many on her hands is now announcing she is willing to put each and every
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one of our lives in harm's way. an open door policy to criminals and terrorists to enter our country. hillary is not concerned about you or i but only power of the presidency and the power it would bring. she needs to go to prison to pay for the crimes she has committed against our country. hillary also wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to settle middle eastern refugees in the united states on top of the current record level of immigration that we already have. the amount of money hillary clinton would like to spend on refugees we could rebuild every inner-city in america.
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[applause] hillary's wall street immigration agenda would keep communities poor. unemployed americans totally out of work. she can't claim to care about african-american and hispanic workers when she wants to bring in millions of new low-wage earners to compete against them and when against them because the system is rigged against our people. here are a few things a trump administration will do for the american people and our country. first hundred days i will appoint judges who will uphold the constitution of the united
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states. [applause] >> hillary clinton's radical judges will virtually abolish the second amendment. i will change immigration rules to give unemployed americans an opportunity to feel good, really good, we don't have good jobs anymore. these will be good paying jobs. [applause] >> stand up to countries that sheet on trade of which there are many. we will cancel rules and regulations that send jobs overseas and everywhere else but our country. lift restrictions on energy production. [applause] >> we will repeal and replace
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job killing obamacare. it is a total disaster. [applause] >> pass massive tax reform to create millions of jobs and lower taxes for everyone. we are by the way the highest taxed nation in the world. please remember that. we will impose tough ethics rules to restore dignity to the office of the secretary of state. [applause] >> there is one common theme in all of these reforms. it is going to be america first.
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[applause] >> this is why the stakes in november are so great. when election day politicians stand trial before the people the voters are the jury. we don't need or want another clinton or obama. we just can't take it anymore. so bad for our country and our people. come november the american people will have a chance to issue a verdict on the politicians that have sacrificed their security, prosperity and sold out their country. i mean totally sold out their country. [applause] >> we will have a chance to vote for a new agenda with big
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dreams, bold ideas and enormous possibilities to the american people. [applause] >> hillary clinton's message is old and tired. her message is that things can't change. my message is things have to change and that this is our one chance, may be our only chance to do that change and if we don't do it i don't know that we will ever have another chance. we have to have change but real change, not obama change. [applause] >> americans are the people who tamed the west. the dugout the panama canal, sent satellites across the solar system, built the great dams and
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so much more. we really started thinking small. something happened to our mentality. we started thinking small. we stopped believing in what america can do. and became reliant on other countries, other people and other institutions. we lost our sense of purpose and daring. that is not who we are. [applause] >> come this november, we can bring america back bigger and better and stronger than ever before. [applause] >> we will build the greatest infrastructure on the planet
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earth. the roads and railways and airports of tomorrow. our military. [applause] >> our military which is totally depleted will have the best technology and finest equipment. and we will bring it back to the way it must be, strong strong strong. >> massive factors come warring into our country breathing life and hope into our communities. inner cities horribly abused by hillary clinton and the democrat party will finally, finally be
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rebuilt. [applause] >> construction, nobody knows it better. the real wages for our workers have not been raised for 18 years but these will start going up along with new jobs, jobs, jobs. [applause] or smack >> hillary's massive taxation, regulation and open borders will destroy jobs and drive down wages for everyone and that has been happening and that is why you are seeing so many people coming to our rallies and so much unbelievable support. >> and supporting police and law enforcement, you can never forget the great job they do.
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[applause] i am also going to appoint great supreme court justices. one of the most important factors in this election. many appointments, could be as many as 5, probably 3, could before and factors in this election, we are going to appoint supreme court justices who will be outstanding, so important. [applause] >> our country is going to start working again, jobs. people are going to start working again. parents are going to start dreaming big for their children again including parents in our
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inner cities. [applause] >> americans, the people we love, america first, make our country great again, americans are going to start believing in the future of our country. [applause] >> we are going to make america rich again. we are going to make america safe again. we are going to make america great again and great again for everyone, everyone. thank you very much.
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[applause] thank you. >> game on in the presidential race, there is the presumptive republican nominee donald trump laying out in a more than half hour speech some of his attacks on hillary clinton designed to reframe this race and get things underway. she for her part will be answering three hours from now in a major speech she is giving in north carolina. let's get to our senior national correspondent john roberts in new york where that speech was just delivered. >> reporter: good morning. very sharp response from hillary clinton this afternoon. unlike hillary clinton who a number of weeks ago wrapped a
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big attack on donald trump in a foreign policy speech. this was build from the outset as an attack on hillary clinton, meant to deliver this a week ago monday but the massacre in orlando forced a postponement that out later laid out the vision of his campaign at the beginning of late into her in ways he has not up until now including a line in this speech that clinton will have a sharp response to as well as her campaign and the super pacs supporting her. listen to what donald trump said. >> hillary clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gaves put motivation lies amon the more than 1000 foreign donations hillary failed to disclose at the state department. hillary clinton may be the most
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corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> the most corrupt person to seek the presidency of the united states. he doubled down saying the reason she was using a private server when she was secretary of state at the state department was to hide corrupt practices in her dealings with foreign governments. he went after her in ways i have never seen before. saying she is no friend to the gay and lesbian community, no friend to africans americans are hispanics because she is dealing with countries and with harsh penalties for people who are gay and lesbian and pursue immigration policies that would be harmful to african-americans and hispanics when it comes to jobs. this is part of the trump reboot, this is the way it is going forward. we saw touch of that yesterday with the rapid response team
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which in charlie wilson's war, me and a couple other guys, small team of individuals were put together yesterday to respond to everything hillary clinton was saying. we will see this going forward. the general election campaign really kicks off. john: a line that harkens back to her 2008 campaign commercial when he mentioned the 3 am phone call ambassador chris stevens and his staff unanswered. >> he hit her really hard on benghazi saying she left him there to die. watch for a sharp response this afternoon. john: we will get a response from political analysts coming up. thank you, we will take a look at the trump speech. he reached out to bernie sanders voters, independents, a number of people. our political panel takes that up after a quick break.
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>> ...
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yes you are. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. . jon: fox news alert and a blistering speech from presumptive republican nominee donald trump, he just wrapped it up in soho on the southern end of manhattan. among other things he blamed hillary clinton and her time as secretary of state the rise of isis, said she lacks the temperament, the judgment and the confidence to lead. welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott.
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heather: and i'm heather dower, in for jenna lee. we got a lot to talk about including that speech that donald trump just gave this a rating hillary clinton but also hillary clinton, what she is up to today . she's set to get on herself. jon: in north carolina. let's get back to her rivals. christine anderson a columnist at the washington examiner and a republican pollster. jessica karloff, a democratic pollster and senior political writer just at shown consulting, our political panel takes apart donald trump's beach. kristin, what did you think of it? >> i thought it was fascinating that we have now officially entered the i am rubber, you are glue election. donald trump in this speech took every criticism that bin laden him, that he still can't and impulsive, that people got for a while he got rich. he's taken all those things and turn them back on hillary clinton. he had a lot of really good one-liners where he said
8:36 am
things like his campaign slogan is i'm with her, mine is i'm with you and took it to her in a way that didn't sound like he was joking. it didn't sound like sort of the more flippant tone we've heard from donald trump. this may be a speech where he was trying to really pivot to being a quote unquote serious sounding candidate, perhaps to ease the concerns of some establishment republicans who been getting pretty nervous about donald trump as we head for the convention. jon: jessica, specifically that line. the eye with her line, was that affected? >> totally. i thought it was a genius move. i thought this was certainly by donald trump standards a remarkable speech and he didn't change the tone of his voice the entire time so yes, it was a little monotone but i think that's the great thing for him to show that he has a quasi-residential side
8:37 am
because obviously there are issues with content there and i was reading twitter and apparently fact checkers are passing out from exhaustion. he talked about what she did in libya, he supported that. he talked about a rack, he supported that. his comment about anybody, the committee said he would have done nothing differently . those attacks couldn't have been prevented so that things that hillary is going to come back with us this afternoon but itwas effective and i agree with everything kristin said . jon: kristin, specifically when the applause line that had everybody standing in his room obviously, packed with trump supporters but he said hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> in this election were going to have kind of a race to the bottom, unfortunately. where you have both candidates that have negative, unfavorable numbers in the polls. when you look at hillary clinton's bowling, the biggest weakness she has its people think she's untrustworthy and they don't necessarily know if she is fighting for them which has been a big theme he's tried to push since he she lost her
8:38 am
campaign last year. if you can make the case that i may be somebody who's not perfect, i maybe somebody who's made a lot of money, i may be somebody who doesn't look or act like a traditional candidate but at least i'm fighting for you while hillary clinton is just fighting for herself. that line of attack does play in strongly to where hillary clinton's vulnerabilities are when you pull people about what they think. jon: jessica, give us what you take is on his appeal to inner-city african-americans and hispanics. >> zero. jon: you don't think it worked? >> i don't think in standing up there and say hillary clinton is not good for the african-american community, hispanic community, when she's overwhelmingly popular with them. he has 90 percent unfavorable with the black and hispanic community and also with the gay community but he can say these things but it doesn't make them true.
8:39 am
when people go to the polls, they know what they're voting for and they know who's good with these communities throughout their careers. you can talk about her comment about super predators and things like that but i don't think that's what going to win him this election and i don't think he's going to be winning over minority voters, it's not going to happen. jon: i imagine tongues are wagging among those who saw the speech. it was a big one and she will answer about three hours from now it's a fun day. jon: yes it is, gives us plenty to talk about. thank you both. >> thank you. heather: and fox news alert, hillary clinton just wrapping up a crucial meeting on capitol hill with house democrats. later today she will campaign in the battleground of north carolina. let's check in with mike and manuel whose live on capitol hill where that meeting just wrapped up area this meeting was considered to be significant. what happened? >> hillary clinton's first visit to capitol hill since locking up nomination and no surprise, she got a very warm response, very warm reaction. we saw her walking down the hall with house leader nancy pelosi. she got a hug from democratic
8:40 am
chairman , someone who is mentioned as a potential running mate. part of her message was talking about what is at stake in november, trying to unify the party and working together to elect more democrats in congress and clinton to the white house. this comes as clinton is spending two days talking on the economy, she will lay out her vision for the economy later today in raleigh in battleground north carolina. yesterday in ohio, she questioned donald trump's ability to lead the us economy. >> he's written a lot of books about business .they all seem to end at chapter 11. [applause] >> clinton told democrats on capitol hill that they will win this election, take back the house and thesenate. that was music to the ears of lawmakers from her party here in the us capital . we are expecting more pushback to the donald trump speech later, already a super
8:41 am
pack correct the record said donald trump lied on her response to ben gotti, lied on her position regarding syrian refugees, expressed a full throated response from the clinton campaign in the moments ahead. heather? heather: we will be watching that one later. in the meantime john, you've got more politics. we're not done with this one yet. jon: former gop presidential candidate senator marco rubio, republican of florida, announcing today he has changed his mind. he will seek another term in the u.s. senate. this announcement comes before the friday deadline for candidate filing. you might: rubio was running for the white house he kept insisting he would either become president or become a private citizen in 2017. he suffered an embarrassing defeat in his home state, losing the florida primary to donald trump but trump is among those encouraging rubio to run for reelection, recently tweeting important to keep the majority.
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when it comes to quitting cigarettes, why does it feel like all or nothing? would you expect me to lose 25 pounds overnight? i'm taking it one cigarette at a time. that's how zonnic helps me quit. zonnic nicotine gum. every victory counts. >> i think that because he
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has spent his life as a businessman, he'd be better prepared to handle the economy. well, it turns out he's dangerous thereto. just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy. [applause] jon: that was hillary clinton yesterday going after donald trump on the economy. the day before he went after her record as things turn
8:46 am
ugly between them. joining us now, simon rosenberg, president and founder of the new democrat network and former bill clinton campaign right advisor. lars larson is also with us, since the radio host with complex media. we have five months to go of this, simon. obviously, her supporters like her. his supporters like him. they are fighting for the middle. how effective are these speeches at persuading the undecided? >> well, i think both candidates are in the process of shoring up their supporters and getting ready for their convention. you're seeing that trump has got a little bit more work to do in that regard then secretary clinton because he's behind and he's lost ground in the last few weeks but one of the things that was really important about what franklin said yesterday was this basic idea that the way trump has run his got diaz up in the air, that
8:47 am
he's got tremendous opposition in the republican party, if you can't manage running a presidential campaign, how is he going to run the presidency ? you're going to see much more focused on the democrats between the weeks about mismanaging and the troubles trump is having in his own party as his inability to manage their . >>. jon: do voters care? >> lars, is this for me? jon: that is for you, simon. >> i think they care because part of the trump argument is that he's a business guy who gets stuff done. he said this repeatedly in his speech on on this basic idea, he won the nomination, and him on that but on the blocking and tackling other campaign you've been a disaster and it undercuts the core argument that he's making in this race and i think it does matter to voters. jon: he's also said, lars, that hillary clinton had hundreds of people and millions of dollars to mount the campaign and he's doing it cheap in the way that the federal government should do.
8:48 am
>> i have to tell you, i think you are inside the bubble. i thought average voters all the time and for the better part of my career, 40 years, the biggest complaint about politics is the money. people get uncomfortable with the money.finally you have a presidential candidate who runs a spare, lean campaign and still get the job done and now your complaint is that people say g, you can't run a very good campaign because he's running with a very small group of people and he's run it on a very small budget and he continues to. the report that he had 1.3 million cash on hand may be a little uncomfortable, but getting a little close to the line but the fact he's been able to do it with so little money, to you inside the bubble is not impressive because you say a real candidate has to raise billions like secretary clinton through corruption and the means that she gets money but donald trump been able to do it for a small amount of money and i think the average voter admire that. in fact, they love to see a federal government that runs the same way, spare and lean and inexpensive p1 let's get to the core of their arguments. hillary clinton is saying
8:49 am
that he is intemperate and should not be trusted with the economy. he's saying that she's essentially corrupt and in it for herself. island, i'm going to guess that you find hillary clinton argument morris effective but break them down for us. how appealing are these two arguments? >> i think where the democrats are going to settle down is as we get through this week that we are going to settle that since the end of the cold war, when everything changed, ronald reagan was president, george bush had a new world. the democrats have been in power twice and things have gotten better both times. republicans have been in power to times, things have gotten worse both times. if you want prosperity and progress, you've got to vote for the democrats. if you want decline, higher deficits, vote for the republicans. that's the way we're going to flip frame the selection. people care more about that than they do about the
8:50 am
personal stuff that's going to be thrown by both sides. it's going to be equal in intensity. jon: large, quick response. >> john, americans want a president who's actually signed the front of the paycheck and run successful businesses, not a woman who has made her hundreds of million dollars for a foundation through graft and corruption. there's the short answer. the one we will have you both back on another time. we got five months of this. >> is going to be a fun five months. jon: you better believe it. thank you both. heather: another piece of major news happening today, north korea's leader once again thumbing his nose at the west with more missile testing so what is the rogue nations and game? about that when we come back. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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united states and north korea taking part in a forum in beijing as tensions ramp up between the two countries after pyongyang fired off two more missiles. the north has now launched the same type of midrange missiles. six times since the month of april and one of the missiles from this latest test was 450 miles which in the pentagon's eyes means progress for that rogue nation. experts believe the regime is trying to extend its striking capability to reach american military bases in guam. gordon chang is an analyst and author of nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world. why is this so significant? >> it's significant because this is a mobile missile which means it can hide and shoot and you can't destroy which means it's a real deterrent and one of their mobile missiles probably it's
8:55 am
the west coast of the united states and within two years, it will have a warhead that will be nuclear so that's why we need to be concerned about the success of any north koreanmissile test, especially this one . heather: this is one of many things they've done recently to provoke the west but what is their end game. >> it for small to have a deterrent but they want to get things out of the international community. for instance, a read they want to change facts on the ground and they can really destabilize our friends like japan and south korea and this missile they tested probably has a range that can hit american forces in guam though china is using north korea to extend chinese aims and north korea wants a missile it can sell to the arabians. >> that part of this also, to show off the equipment for iran. they need the money, north korea does and he ran is more than happy to buy the stuff . >> they have more than 200 of these missiles tested today and arabians of course wantto make sure it works. north korea gets about 1 billion , 2 billion each year from iran or weapons including nukes and missiles
8:56 am
so basically the north koreans needed to show the arabians that this stuff works when they need that money as they let their people starve in that country. a whole range of this, 2000 miles so that's significant if they get it working properly. >> and they will. eventually at some point they will but they've also got missiles which can now have a range to reach about kansas city though this is one of their shorter range missiles. they're having trouble getting it to work but they will be able to do it because it's based on a proven russian technology. >> and this is in violation of the un security council resolution so what does that mean? we talk about that a lot but nothing comes of it. >> nothing comes of it because china is supporting north korea. china has been selling north korea processed uranium, that's for the warhead for this missile and united states doesn't doing them anything about it. we say shiny is being responsible on china is supporting north korea. we see statements about this missile launch same don't get upset, that really is a sign of partnership between beijing and pyongyang.
8:57 am
heather: next time you come back i hope you have some good news for us. >> i will be looking. heather: thank you. we will be right back in a couple of minutes. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit yes, dear? hey, honey? you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand,right? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade. family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected.
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put some smarts in your car. heather: we had a busy hour.
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and we will be back in one hour. jon: "outnumbered" start right now. >> this is a fox news alert. not holding back. donald trump as promised launching a barrage of blistering attackstargeting hillary clinton. in a speech just a short while ago, saying she is the most corrupt person to ever run for president . and he hardly stopped there. this is "outnumbered", i'm sandra smith. harris falconer, post of kennedy, jedediah buehler is here and there he is, today's hashtag one lucky guy, most of the five and the great got filled show, welcome back to the co


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